Home Theater

Home Theater

No room are to big or to small for our range of products



This extremely convenient Digital Sound Projector™ is low profile enough

to fit neatly in front of a TV and is 3D compatible (HDMI V.1.4a).

Onkyo's latest HiFi stereo separates go retro

Onkyo elite hi-fi separate components
The brand we know and love for staying on the cutting edge can go dedicated high end HiFi the old fashioned way too -- Onkyo announced a new lineup of elite HiFi separate components is for those who know that you only need two speakers for great sound. The trio is made up of the C-7000R CD player, the P-3000R pre-amplifier, and the M-5000R power amplifier.

NEW! Marantz UD7006 – A Very Impressive Disc Player

Marantz UD7006

The new Marantz UD7006 is just launching. It plays a wide variety of discs from Super Audio CD to BD-Video to DVD Audio and Video and all forms of CD even dtsCD's.

In this age of HDMI readiness it supports HDMI ver.1.4a and is 3D Blu-ray disc ready. It is complete with x.v.Color, Deep Color and has HDMI CEC support.

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